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With over 15 years of creative writing experience, Sam Mirror is the recipient of the Martin Luther King Poetry Prize and has composed over 1000 poems. Sam has a degree in Information Technology and has worked in the publishing industry on proprietary print on demand (POD) technology as a publishing consultant. Sam loves helping people bring their vision to life and has published hundreds of POD titles for seasoned and indie authors alike. Sam Mirror is an enthusiastic member of her community and partnered with Rutgers University to provide an outlet for publishing and with PEAK, which is an extension of the School of Health Professions at Long Island University-Brooklyn, to create comprehensive curriculums. 

Create. Cultivate. Catapulte.

We all have a boiling point. The point at which we decide to be better and desire more than we have; the point at which we decide to swim or sink. “A Poet's Journey - Bon Voyage” is a collection of invigorating poetic expressions. Each poem and technique represents a milestone throughout the poet’s journey and is accompanied by practical solutions and lessons learned. Dare to step outside of the box and explore some potential life-altering principles. 

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