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Manifestation 101: 7 Simple Steps toward Manifesting the Lifestyle You Deserve and Desire.

Sam Mirror, Author and Life Coach Announces the Release of a New Book: “A Poet’s Journey- Bon Voyage.”

New York - May 19, 2017: Author Sam Mirror shares inspirational poems and personal development techniques in a new self-help book entitled “A Poet's Journey – Bon Voyage.” Revealing practical systems and activities to help people improve upon their lives, Sam encourages those interested in attaining personal success to seize the moment and possess the attitude of gratitude. This is the first step toward purposeful living and manifesting the lifestyle you deserve and desire.

Inspired by turbulent circumstances and years of studying the science of authentic happiness, Sam Mirror attests to the milestones that people encounter in their lives and shares tips on turning sabotage into success. The essence of “A Poet’s Journey- Bon Voyage” is purposeful living and being grateful for the many events that make up one’s life. The objective is to help people identify their purpose (no matter where they are on their journey) and fulfill it.

Based out of the New York metropolitan area, Sam Mirror is a prominent motivational speaker and life coach. In 2016, she introduced “Win-Win Guru” an organization dedicated to providing personal and professional development resources. This includes understanding what one can do in order to succeed and feel positive about one’s life.

If you had the opportunity to change or enhance your life – would you?

For a limited time, Sam Mirror is offering complimentary life coaching sessions. These sessions will equip you with top notch strategies to achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself.

With Sam’s fundamental principles, you’ll learn the win-win approach to a healthy, flourishing lifestyle. The lessons learned will impact the way you deal with challenges and ensure victory in all aspects of life. Make the decision to live the extraordinary life that you desire and deserve.

To learn more about Sam Mirror’s work, visit her website at

“A Poet’s Journey – Bon Voyage” book launch will take place at the World Trade Art Gallery in New York City on June 17, 2017, 7:30pm -10pm. Click here for tickets.

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Phone: 9733933747

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