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Possess the Attitude of Gratitude

Often times, people put emphasis on what they do not have rather than what they do have or focus on what they do not want to happen, instead of hoping for a favorable outcome. This perpetual cycle of “looking at the glass half empty” is a contributing factor to lack and/or unfavorable circumstances. What’s scarier is that some people are oblivious they’re doing it. In case you’re one of them, let’s take a moment to possess the “attitude of gratitude” which remedies this type of habitual thinking. Gratitude is essential for growth and can purge negative thoughts. When we express gratitude, a vibration is released from our bodies and sent into the ether. This karmic energy is ultimately returned in the form of a positive experience.

5 Practical steps to possess the attitude of gratitude:

1. Take a personal inventory of all that you currently have (physical possessions, family, friends, accomplishments, etc.) and all of the values that uniquely make you who you are.

2. Take a moment to remember a significant experience in your life or recall a time where you were grateful for something (big or small). Maybe it was the last time you accomplished a goal or when you got your first house or car. Perhaps, it’s something nearer and dearer to you such as the birth of a child or when you fell in love. Remember the feelings that were originally generated in that moment.

3. Hold on to that feeling; feel it in your heart’s center. Allow it to travel through your entire body by intensely focusing on those feelings.

NOTE: At this point you should begin feeling warm and fuzzy. You may notice your body’s emotional reaction to these thoughts. It could be expressed a number of ways; maybe in the form of a smile or giggle or your eyes may water, but ultimately it depends on the individual.

4. Verbally express your appreciation for that experience out loud. “Thank you for this experience…”

5. Make a conscience effort to express gratitude for big and small things. This technique is particularly helpful when faced with adversity.

I know, you’re probably like “WHAT?”

Yes, expressing gratitude in the middle of a crises or unfavorable situation can serve as a preemptive tactic to eliminate or lessen the stress associated. So, the next time a problem comes knocking at your door, try not to roll your eyes or go off on a tangent about your woes. Instead, simply say “Thank you for all that I have and the ability to come up with a solution.”

Think Win-Win.

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