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5 Key Ingredients to Success

Is it safe to say that we all desire to be successful?

If you have ever aimed to achieve something, then chances are you’ve been bit by the bug of ambition. Here are a few general practices that I consider key ingredients to success. It doesn’t matter what you aspire to or the measuring stick used, success is perceived differently to each of us.

5 Key Ingredients to Success:

  1. Goal setting. Setting realistic goals will help you navigate and create a plan of action to accomplish whatever task you set out.

  2. Faith. Having confidence in your goals and actions are very important. If you don’t believe, then who will?

  3. Research. This is central. Thoroughly investigate all avenues, assess your resources and define what is required of you. This will provide the necessary assurance to move forward.

  4. Compare yourself to no one. You are one of a kind and there is no comparison. Instead of worrying about others, focus on the unique qualities, services or talents that you contribute to society.

  5. Hang around like-minded people. Having a community that understands and supports your ideas are essential. A synergistic environment can also evoke additional intelligence and resource.

Knowing what NOT to do is sometimes as important as knowing what TO do!

Although the above practices are easy to do, they are also easy NOT to do. The simplicity of these techniques can cause them to go under exercised. Have you ever experienced a delay of some sort at some point or another? Whether your dream was deferred or you were running late for a meeting, chances are one of the following success blockers were at work.

5 Success Blockers:

  1. Fear. This ranks as the number one success blocker since it's capricious nature is disguised in many forms. Fear of failure is most common; some folks do not begin their pursuit because of doubt. Another form of fear would be the fear of change.

  2. Indecisiveness. Make a decision that is concrete; one that you will be satisfied with and will stick by. Having clear intentions will facilitate your choices.

  3. Procrastination. Hesitation can delay or prevent opportunities from being seized. Take action and do not second guess hunches of inspiration or a notion that stirs you.

  4. Poor Time Management. Master this art and you are successful by default.

  5. Taking on too much responsibility. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Overwhelming yourself will not increase productivity, in fact, it actually decreases efficiency and can delay your progress.

Closing thoughts:

Be confident and consistent in all that you do and success is sure to follow. “Success is the result of hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” -Collen Powell.

Think Win-Win.

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