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5 Tips to Accessing Inspiration Anytime, Anywhere.

Updated: May 5, 2020

Is your head stuck in the clouds? Are you uncertain about what to write? If so, you're not alone. Most of us have been here before. Whether you're writing an article for work, a school report, or your next book, kick-starting your project might be a challenge. Those who are disciplined enough to commit to a writing schedule and get cozy in their designated "writers corner," have overcome half of the battle. I admire you! If you're not that guy or gal, then chances are you take the inspiration as it comes, and ride the wave of the creativity. Staying focused, and adhering to a writing schedule can feel a bit restricting to the free-spirited writer that likes to go with the flow.

What's your writing style?

Some writers embark on immersive writing retreats in hopes of accessing the abundant portal of creativity, but in today's quarantined climate, most folks are limited to writing from their couch or their bed. The truth is, I'm currently home in my bedroom, on my love-seat, enjoying a cup of peppermint tea out of my favorite mug. Just vibing in my comfy T-shirt and my Flower-Girl Yoga leggings, I sit in peace in my writing zone. The truth is, we each have the opportunity to create our writing heaven wherever we go.

Awaken your inner genius.

While the creative process varies from writer to writer, one constant thing is the accessibility to inspiration. It's an ever-present source of energy that is obtainable in any region of the world, by anyone willing to tap into it. Sitting and waiting for inspiration to fall out of the sky may be apart of the creative process for some, but it's not the most efficient method. Over-analyzing your ideas and projecting too far forward can lead to analysis paralysis and stifle creativity.

Access Inspiration Anytime, Anywhere

5 Tips to overcoming writer's block:

  1. Center yourself - Take a few deep breaths. Reflect on an experience that felt good, raised a concern, or uniquely touched you. Meditate on those feelings, transfer them to the page.

  2. Get organized - identify the best writing environment for you and gather your writing tools. Whether stationed at your favorite coffee shop or home in your writing den, the most important thing you can do is gather everything that you'll need and avoid interruptions.

  3. Identify the facts gathering the facts that pertain to your work is a good starting point. Jot them down and use them as a writing framework.

  4. Consider altering the time of day that you write: Some folks tend to write at their best during the dawn hours, while others get solace from the stillness of the night. Which one are you?

  5. Identify your writing triggers: writing triggers are events that inspire creativity; prompted emotional events, memories, scenery, or a range of emotions (anger, rage, sadness, contentment, love, and gratitude). For example, walking in the woods or along a beach could inspire creativity. Similarly, negative emotions or traumatic experiences have the potential to summon the desire to express ideas.

Using these five steps to get you in a creative state of mind will enable you to access inspiration anytime, anywhere! Like all skills, ongoing professional development is necessary to cultivate your writing abilities. Workshops, free writing, and journal keeping are a few ways to "sharpen the saw." Sign up today for our free online writing workshop. See You Soon! Follow us on Instagram @winwingurupublishing Follow us on Facebook @winwingurupublishing Follow us on Twitter @winwingurupublishing Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Win-Win Guru Publishing

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