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Publisher's Pick - Word of the Day.

Words that make you go , Hmmm...

The good old days!

I remember being in grade school receiving my new list of vocabulary words at the beginning of each week. Monday's meant business; my 5th-grade English teacher made distributing the new words her top priority. Therefore, studying them in anticipation of a pop-quiz became mine. This was serious stuff, and quizzes served as a substantial chunk of the grade. So, the goal was to knock every one of them out of the park... And I did.

Why we do what we do.

Vocabulary words were introduced as a fundamental component to reading, comprehension, and communication during the elementary school years, but later started to dwindle as scholars progressed into secondary and post-secondary education. Well, we're getting back to the basics by putting emphasis on adding words to our existing glossary. Learning one new word per day can not only help you become a better communicator, but it can also help build a healthy habit.

What does it mean?

In a nutshell, it means the process of merging two or more things. What things, you ask? The word "Amalgamation" has a multitude of definitions and can be referenced in business when merging two organizations or in politics as the joining of two cities or districts and their administrative entities. In chemistry, it is the process of combining mercury with another metal which derives from 15th-century Midevil Latin. The word "amalgam" proceeds it, meaning "to unite."

Used in a sentence...

General use:

  • New York City is an amalgamation of cultures.

In business:

  • The amalgamation of their companies requires them to choose a new business name.

Daily Challenge.

For those of you who have gracefully added this word to their glossary, I challenge you to incorporate it into a sentence (if applicable). Don't just sit on it. Use it or lose it!

What's your favorite 'A' word?

Leave your favorite 'A' word in the comments section.

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