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Publisher's Pick - Word of the Day.

Words that make you go, Hmmm!

How it all started...

Growing up, long before the Facebook and Instagram days, my cousins and I would spend our summers in Richmond, Virginia. Activities were limited and most days were sweltering. Often times, we'd find innovative ways to have fun. One "keep cool" activity was to peruse through the dictionary and discover foreign words that were fun, weird or would make us laugh.

What's your favorite word?

Over the years, I've grown fond of certain words. Idiosyncrasy being one of them. I use it as often as it applies and appreciate those who share the same fondness. I think it's something about the way it rolls off of my tongue that excites me. Unquestionably, it makes the publishers "top five favorite words" list!

What does it mean?

Deriving from the Greek term "idiosynkrasia" meaning a peculiar temperament, its interchangeable use crosses over into three branches of medicine and economics. In medicine, it refers to an unusual reaction to a food or drug, while in economics, it means risky business! The term "idiosyncratic risks" refers to a specific kind of risk in portfolio theory, which is caused by the change in the price of a particular security.

Used in a sentence...

General use:

  • Biting her nails is an idiosyncrasy that she's had since she was a child.

  • His idiosyncrasies among other character traits are what make him unique.

In medicine:

  • John's idiosyncratic reaction to aspirin was unexpected (pharmacology).

In economics:

  • Diversifying my portfolio will minimize the idiosyncratic risks.

Share your favorite word.

Leave it in the comments section.

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