“Carpe Diem” is a Latin aphorism meaning seize the day or take action now. Sam Mirror, a Brooklyn-born poet,  embraces this to the fullest by capturing the moment to moment experiences and responding to life with lyrics and sonnets. 


She identifies inner resistance, temptations, and exercises the art of poetry to summon her desires. Discover the power of poetry and its effectiveness, how to use it as a tool to accomplish your goals, maintain mental well-being, overcome hardships of any kind, and manifest the lifestyle that you design. 


Like a symphony of orchestrated tunes, harmonized and in key, the flow of life lives and breathes a beautiful melody that uniquely speaks to the soul of each being. Likewise, each poem embodies a harmonious flow and offers insight into a day in the life of a Mother, Author, Poet, Light-Bringer, Misto-lover, Bookworm, and Post-it enthusiast.


This holistic yet ancient artform focuses the mind-body-spirit and is the practice of turning thoughts into things (otherwise known as alchemy at its finest.) Harness the power of poetry and spoken word to access your most authentic self and speak from your soul. Join the journey as Sam continues to reveal practical techniques and the majestic potential of poetry, which posses the energies responsible for creating worlds.


Dare to live in the now and explore the benefits of poetry. Be the deliberate creator you were born to be.

A Poet's Journey- Carpe Diem

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    • 5x7 Paperback book 
    • 123 pages 
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    • Matt Cover



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